Over one hundred years after the Great Extinction, planet Earth is no longer able to support life without human intervention. The fragmented city state of New Mumbai is run by corporations for profit and they will stop at nothing to survive.

Seventeen-year-old Noah Singh is trouble. She has no qualms about breaking the rules, or the law, if it provides a distraction from the guilt of suspecting her parents’ deaths might have been all her fault. When her latest stunt puts her sister, Theia, at risk, Noah is kicked out of home and enrolled in Agrigen Corporation’s residential program for non-conforming teenagers.

To make matters worse, Noah is changing. In moments of uncontrollable anger, she thinks she can see the thoughts and emotions of others. In a world that values conformity, being different can make you an Undesirable, cast out from society and exposed to the elements. Noah knows the only way she can be free is to leave everything and everyone she loves behind.

But when Theia falls ill with a sickness no one can identify, Agrigen’s research facility is her only hope for survival. With her sister’s life at stake, will Noah fall into line? And when a family secret threatens the very foundation of their fragile world, will Noah harness her powers to do what’s right, no matter the cost?


The thrilling debut from author Timea Stan,  EVEREARTH is the first in a young adult urban fantasy trilogy, The Everearth Chronicles. With heart-stopping action, romance, jaw-dropping revelations and a dystopian, post-apocalyptic setting, fans of Divergent and The Obernewtyn Chronicles will love EVEREARTH! 

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