Struggling to call yourself a Writer? Beating ‘Impostor Syndrome,’ owning your labels and freebies for you!

What’s in a name?

Often we wait for other people to bestow upon us the titles we’re striving toward. We feel unqualified and undeserving of the names we want to embody. We wait for permission. Writers wait for the publishing deal or the Master of Fine Arts for the legitimacy to call ourselves writers, riddled with guilt and impostor syndrome if we dare to reach for what no one has said we are allowed to have.

Forget that! There is power in words. It is empowering to choose our own labels and wear them proudly. We don’t need permission to be who we already are.

Last year I finally embraced the title ‘writer,’ though I have been one all my life. After all, all one really needs to do to earn this title is…to write. Even during writing droughts and times of doubt, I am still a writer. It is who I am.

So to celebrate the launch of my website, my shout out to the world that I am a writer, I wanted to give you a gift. I urge you to don your ‘writer’ title like armour and begin living like you’re already where you’re striving to go.

To help you out, I have created these two graphics for writers and readers. Download them. Make them your profile pictures. Print them and put them up on your walls. Share them. Shout your love of words from the rooftops.

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